Protecting Agricultural Water Resources in
North Carolina



"The plan identifies water resources, future needs and ways to better manage water resources. The project also guides farmers to improve efficiency, conservation and supply of water resources."

– Steve Troxler
Commissioner of Agriculture
N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Welcome to Ag H2O

Ag H2O is your comprehensive source for information on the development and implementation of the strategic plan for protecting agricultural water resources in North Carolina. The strategic plan sets forth a pathway for North Carolina's vibrant agricultural sector and its farmers to lead the way in water conservation, irrigation efficiency and development of on-farm water storage capacity.

Agriculture - North Carolina's Economic Engine

image of a field with irrigation ditchesAgriculture plays a critical role in the social, cultural and economic well-being of North Carolina. More than ever, the importance of producing local, healthy food for our growing population is increasing. Agriculture is an economic driver in rural communities and for the state of North Carolina, providing on-farm and off-farm employment for thousands of North Carolinians.

Importance of Water to North Carolina's Well-Being

The strength of North Carolina’s farming economy is directly dependent on the amount and quality of water available for production. Without water resources, agriculture would not exist. Water is essential for all agricultural production. North Carolina is favored with an abundant, fresh supply of water through high annual rainfall, plentiful lakes, rivers and streams and clean ground water, but these resources cannot be taken for granted. With a growing population, household water consumption in the state is projected to increase by 28 percent by the year 2030. The expected growth of North Carolina’s population, economy and industry will cause more competition for water resources. It is imperative that the state aggressively pursue solutions to ensure that water is available for a continued strong and productive agricultural economy.